Discover Peekskill

The Peekskill Business Improvement District (“BID”) works to promote the growth and development of downtown Peekskill as an attractive place to live and do business through business recruitment and retention, capital improvements, marketing and promotions, beautification and clean efforts, event creation and support, and advocacy for small businesses.

While the BID serves all property owners, commercial tenants and residents within the district only registered members may vote, elect and serve as members of the BID’s Board of Directors. If you reside, own property or a business in the district and wish to register as a member, visit here to fill out your registration.




Be Here

Downtown Peekskill today is Westchester’s most vibrant downtown community, unique in its mixture of historic architecture, ethnic diversity, bustling nightlife, foodie hot-spots, and community of artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.  As many places begin to look more and more alike, downtown Peekskill retains its own distinct local character.

Get Here

Peekskill is located in northwestern Westchester County. The city’s eastern border is the Town of Cortlandt and its western border is the Hudson River. Peekskill is approximately an hour by train from New York City and 45 minutes by train from Poughkeepsie. Metro North trains running on the Hudson Line stop hourly at Peekskill station.

Live Here

Peekskill is one of the most affordable places to live in Westchester.With choices ranging from 1-bedroom apartments and studios to condominiums to old Victorian homes. Because of our range of affordable living options and relatively low property taxes, we’re a city you can grow in.

Work Here

Downtown Peekskill is a great place to do business, offering flexible, affordable commercial space just an hour from the heart of New York City.  Whether your business serves a local or global clientele, Peekskill offers a unique opportunity to get in on our downtown’s revival or to take advantage of easy access to the big city’s metropolitan area economy.

A Brief History of Peekskill

In September 1609, Henry Hudson anchored his ship, the Halfe Moon, along a bay on the Hudson River outside of what would become the City of Peekskill. His first mate described in the ship log the location as a “very pleasant place to build a town.” It was to become among the first Dutch trading posts.

Peekskill has always been known as an industrial center – a city that makes things. The mills of Peek’s Creek provided essential gunpowder, leather, planks, and flour for the fight for American independence. The area is also known for its prominence as a maker of brick pavers, iron plows and stoves—many of which were transported West to fuel the settling of America. Peekskill is also known for the invention of Crayola Crayons at the Peekskill Chemical Company and the Fleishman Factory made yeast used across the country.